Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its night!

Just wanted to drop by my blog in the middle of the night and say hi :)
HI! I'm still here, despite that I'm not posting very often!

- Ryhor


Iamhe said...

Hello, just wanted to thank for your wonderful app TL and I was wondering if a newer version is coming?

Anonymous said...

hi my names jamie, i would like to say thank you for your apps, theve bin very gd to me. And i would also like to make some suggestions &/ quiriers.

The slide to unlock keyguard doesnt work on my palm tunsten e2, i was just wondering y? if you cud enlighten me.
Also i was wondering if you could port this app or able to make one tht works on a windows mobile smartphone without touch. (5way nav)and the same for the launcher. ive looked everywhere and thers loads of apps for wm ppc n touch phones but i have a windows mobile smartphone non touch n square screen tht ive loads of different apps for bt none work. One nearly did bt it was sideways and the you cud only veiw the settings for it nt change. thanx

Anonymous said...

just want to know if your going to put plugins in Touch launcher in the near future